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The NanoZoomer-XR pushes the boundaries of previously seen scanning speeds, meeting the needs of even the most demanding throughput requirements in healthcare, pharmaceutical, research and archiving applications.

Benefits of the NanoZoomer-XR

Dynamic Pre-Focusing (DPF)

Highest image fidelity is assured with the combination of the continual dynamic pre-focusing functionality and Hamamatsu’s expertise in TDI camera technology

Highest success rates of slide scanning avoids users wasting time manually checking the slide focusing quality on completed scans. It is delivered by automated quality scoring and the integrated re-scanning feature

A workload of up to a 1000 slides a day, without the need for additional experienced staff is possible thanks to the extreme scanning speed and user optimized scanning software

All the benefits and capabilities of the system are available to everyone in your team, with a minimum of training and supported by the proven intuitive user-interface

Features of the NanoZoomer-XR

Automated focus scoring

Scanned whole slide images in a fraction of a minute (35 s for a 15x15 mm in 40x mode)

Dynamic Pre-Focusing technology (DPF) maintains a sharp focus on the entire specimen during full speed scanning resulting in crisp and clear images

Reliable high throughput scans at the touch of a button and continuously scanning up to 320 slides in a fully automated batch

A unique combination of features including z-stack, quality scoring and intelligent re-scan delivers market leading scanning reliability

Product Detail Page

The NanoZoomer series products as medical devices may be subject to government regulations where they are used. Hamamatsu makes no representation with regard to the confirmity of these regulations. Please contact local sales representative for more information.

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