CMOS linear image sensors incorporate a timing circuit and signal processing amplifiers integrated on the same chip, and operate from simple input pulses and a single power supply. Thus the external circuit can be simplified.

CMOS linear image sensors(43)


CMOS image sensors have ideal features such as low power consumption, small size and more highly integrated signal processing circuits.

CMOS area image sensor(2)


These products are CMOS area image sensors with a high sensitivity in the near infrared region.This type include a timing generator, a bias generator and an A/D converter, and offer digital input/output for easy handling.

X-ray CMOS image sensors(4)


CMOS image sensor modules for X-ray imaging that have achieved low power consumption by integrating multi-functions into a signal chip.

Profile sensors(1)


The profile sensor is a high-performance CMOS area sensor particularly intended to acquire projection data. A projection profile in the X and Y directions has very small amounts of data compared to normal area sensors and therefore allows high-speed position detection and moving object detection.

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