C11222-16PHEMOS-1000 Emission microscope

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The PHEMOS-1000 is a high-resolution emission microscope that pinpoints failure locations in semiconductor devices by detecting the weak light emissions and heat emissions caused by semiconductor device defects. Since the PHEMOS-1000 is usable in combination with a general-purpose prober, you can do various analysis tasks by using the sample setups you are already familiar with. Installing an optional laser scan system allows acquiring high-resolution pattern images. Different types of detectors are available for various analysis techniques such as emission analysis, thermal analysis, and IR-OBIRCH analysis. The PHEMOS-1000 supports a wide variety of tasks and applications ranging from prober socket boards to a large-size 300 mm wafer prober.


● Two ultra-high sensitivity cameras mountable
● Lasers for up to 3 wavelengths and a probe light source for EOP are mountable
● Equipped with optical stage suitable for diverse samples


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● Includes laser scan system
● Emission analysis with high-sensitivity near-infrared camera
● Thermal analysis with high-sensitivity mid-infrared camera
● IR-OBIRCH analysis
● Dynamic analysis by laser irradiation
● EO probing analysis
● High-resolution and high-sensitivity analysis using NanoLens
● Connects to FA-Navigation
● Connects to CAD Navigation
● Connects to LSI tester


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Display functions

Superimposed display/contrast enhancement function

phemos-1000 product feature

The PHEMOS-1000 superimposes the emission image on a high-resolution pattern image to localize defect points quickly. The contrast enhancement function makes an image clearer and more detailed.

Display function
• Annotations
  Comments, arrows, and other indicators can be displayed on an image at any location desired.
• Scale display
  The scale width can be displayed on the image using segments.
• Grid display
  Vertical and horizontal grid lines can be displayed on the image.
• Thumbnail display
  Images can be stored and recalled as thumbnails, and image information such as stage coordinates can be displayed.
• Split screen display
  Pattern images, emission images, superimposed images, and reference images can be displayed in a 4-window screen at once.

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Dimensions/Weights  Main unit: 1340 mm (W)×1200 mm (D)×2110 mm (H), Approx. 1500 kg
Control rack: 880 mm (W)×820 mm (D)×1542 mm (H), Approx. 150 kg
Operation desk: 1000 mm (W)×800 mm (D)×700 mm (H), Approx. 45 kg 
Line voltage  AC200 V (50 Hz/60 Hz) 
Power consumption  Approx. 1400 VA (Max. 3300 VA) 
Vacuum  Approx. 80 kPa or more 
Compressed air  0.5 MPa to 0.7 MPa 
* Weight of PHEMOS-1000 main unit includes a prober or equivalent item.

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