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The flash photolysis system can perform transient absorption measurements within the short nanosecond range. The absorption spectrum of the formation and decay process of intermediaries in photoreactions such as photodissociation, photoisomerization reaction, etc can be observed. Due to the newly developed software added with the adoption of the optics, transient absorption spectrum measurements in the nanosecond range have been made easier.


● Time resolution of 10 ns
● Measurements with the smallest optical density (OD) of 0.01
● Simultaneous spectrum measurements from 260 nm to 800 nm  (Measurements not affected by secondary light, etc.)
● Measurement time range from nanoseconds to milliseconds
● Compatible with 90°excitation / oblique incidence excitation

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The light from a high power xenon lamp is utilized for the probe light and a nanosecond Q-SW YAG laser is utilized for the pump light in the flash photolysis system. The light is measured using the PMA-12 Photonic  multichannel analyzer C10029-01 equipped with a gate function by switching the probe light shutter and the pump light shutter with the exclusive software introduced with the flash photolysis optics.
Transient absorption measurements can be performed by executing each spectrum operation according to nonluminescent and luminescent samples.

■ Measurement functions
Data measurements : Measurement of white light with both the pump light shutter and the probe light shutter open
Monitor measurements : Measurement of white light with only the probe light shutter open
Emission measurements : Measurement of fluorescence with only the pump light shutter open
Dark measurements : Measurement of dark current with both the pump light shutter and the probe light shutter closed

■ Control functions
Measurement conditions : Gate width, delay time, step time, accumulated number, I.I. (image intensifier) gain, and trigger mode

■ Analysis functions
• Transient absorption measurement 
        For nonluminescent samples
        Absorption 1 = -Log10 [(Data-Dark)/(Monitor-Dark)]
        For luminescent samples
        Absorption 2 = -Log10 [(Data-Emission)/(Monitor-Dark)]
• Time-resolved fluorescence measurements

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Measurement example

flashphoto measurement example

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flashphoto system configuration

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Temporal resolution  10 ns 
Measurement ΔOD value (during integration)  0.01 or less* 
Spectral sensitivity  260 nm to 800 nm 
Wavelength resolution  Less than 3 nm 
* This value is defined as standard deviation of ΔOD measured under the 100 times integration.

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