Hamamatsu Photonics develops and manufactures image sensors with high sensitivity and a wide dynamic range that are ideal for high precision measurement such as spectrophotometry, as well as industrial measurement. To help you select the best devices, we offer a wide product lineup that covers a broad spectral range from the near infrared (NIR) at long wavelengths up to 2.6 um through the visible, ultraviolet, vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) on down to the X-ray wavelength region.

CCD image sensors(87)


CCD image sensors have extremely low noise and so can acquire image signals with a high S/N. Hamamatsu CCD image sensors use an FFT-CCD that achieves a 100 % fill factor and collects light with zero loss, making them ideal for high precision measurement such as spectrophotometry. There are two types: a front-illuminated type and a back-thinned type with higher quantum efficiency. Both types are available in various pixel sizes and layouts, allowing you to select the optimal device to meet your needs.

CMOS image sensors(50)


CMOS linear image sensors incorporate a timing circuit and signal processing amplifiers integrated on the same chip, and operate from simple input pulses and a single power supply. Thus the external circuit can be simplified.

NMOS image sensors(40)


Ideally suited for high-precision photometry requiring high ultraviolet sensitivity, these devices have excellent output linearity.

Distance image sensors(4)


The distance image sensors are designed to measure the distance to an object by TOF method. When used in combination with a pulse modulated light source, this sensor outputs phase difference information on the timing that the light is emitted and received. The sensor output signals are arithmetically processed by an external signal processing circuit or a PC to obtain distance data.

InGaAs image sensors(37)


Image sensors for near infrared region. Built-in readout circuit allows easy handling.

Photodiode arrays with amps(13)


Photodiode arrays with amplifiers are available in modular configuration and so can easily be combined into a sensor length that meets your application.

X-ray image sensors(51)


X-ray image sensors consisting of a CCD image sensor or photodiode array that is optically coupled to a Scintillator.

Circuits for image sensors(40)


A variety of circuit designs make image sensors simple and convenient to use.

Accessories for image sensors(1)


We offer accessories to make image sensors simple and easy to use.

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