Variety of software products from standard software comes with camera products to specialized software such as controlling peripheral devices, image processing and image analysis.

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u8913-01 product photo

HiPic Image aquisition software: U8913-01

  • Image aquisition

HiPic is Hamamatsu’s sophisticated software for physical and industrial applications.
HiPic is easy to use and along with full control of all camera features.

u9304 product photo

HoKaWo Image aquisition module: U9304

  • Image aquisition

HoKaWo is Hamamatsu’s image acquisition software for life science applications, supporting all Hamamatsu DCAM compatible cameras.

hcimage product photo


  • Image acquisition & Analysis

Imaging software for variety of applications. It has productive tools such as live image acquisition, post image processing and analysis.

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