Devices for PET.

PMT (photomultiplier tubes)

In the photosensor field, photomultiplier tubes (or PMT) are known to have particularly high sensitivity. PMT also have dozens of other advantages such as high-speed response time.



The MPPC is one of the devices called silicon photomultipliers (SiPM). It is a photon-counting device using multiple APD (avalanche photodiode) pixels operating in Geiger mode. Although the MPPC is essentially an opto-semiconductor device, it has excellent photon-counting capability and can be used in various applications for detecting extremely weak light at the photon counting level. Various types of devices with different pixel sizes and package types are prepared.

MPPC modules


MPPC modules are photon-counting modules that contain an MPPC (multi-pixel photon counter) capable of detecting extremely low-level light. These modules deliver excellent photon-counting characteristics by extracting maximum MPPC performance.

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