We introduce the devices for medical equipment and the special medical systems that do the oxygen measurement in brain under operation, muscular organization oxygen measurement, pupil reaction measurement of autonomic disturbance, adjustment function inspection that originates in asthenopia and ray dynamic treatment of cancer, ICG fluorescent observation, sentinel lymph node biopsy of breast cancer, etc.

Device products


Devices for PET.

For X-ray medical diagnostic system

Devices for X-Ray Medical Diagnostic System.

For Gamma camera/SPECT/PETSPECT

Devices for Gamma camera/SPECT/PETSPECT.

For dental X-ray instrument


Devices for dental X-ray instrument.

For computed radiography (CR)

Devices for computed radiography(CR)



We introduce the light emitting/receiving devices for SD-OCT.

For DNA sequencer


Devices for DNA sequencer.

For blood analysis

Devices for Blood inspection.

For flow cytometry

Devices for Flow cytometry.

For hygiene monitor (bacteria detection)

Devices for Hygiene monitor (Bacteria detection).

For brain oxygen monitoring

Devices for Brain oxygen monitoring.

For medicines (drug) inspection instrument

Devices for Medicines (Drugs) inspection instrument.

System products

Intraoperative brain oxygen monitor

Brain oxygen monitor

Oxygen monitor is used to monitor cerebral oxygen level under surgery.

Brain oxygen monitor

Intraoperative brain oxygen monitor

Cerebral tissue oxygen monitor for researches of brain function and metabolism.

Muscle tissue oxygen monitor

Muscle tissue oxygen monitor

Muscle tissue oxygen monitor by utilizing infrared light.

ICG fluorescence (blood vessels) observation

ICG (blood vessels) observation

Camera system for observation of blood vessels in the epidermic area by the ICG fluorescence method.

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