Light sheet fluorescence microscopy is a method to illuminate only a thin layer of a sample perpendicularly to the direction of observation using a laser light sheet. It realizes visualization of single biomolecule tagged with fluorescence probes. Due to the low level fluorescence, cameras need to be very sensitive. At the same time, cameras need to be high resolution and high speed to get 3D structures. A camera supporting synchronization for light sheet microscopy is available to get the best speed in the system.

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c13440-20cu product photo

ORCA-Flash4.0 V3 Digital CMOS camera: C13440-20CU   NEW

  • Digital CMOS
  • W-VEW Mode
  • Lightsheet Readout Mode

CMOS camera with greatly improved performance (comparing with ORCA-Flash4.0) designed for scientific research use. It is superior than EM-CCD in fluorescence imaging applications.(82 % peak QE)

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