Devices for radioactive detection / survey meter.

PMT (photomultiplier tubes)

In the photosensor field, photomultiplier tubes (or PMT) are known to have particularly high sensitivity. PMT also have dozens of other advantages such as high-speed response time.

PMT modules

The PMT module is basically comprised of a photomultiplier tube to convert light into electrical signals, a high-voltage power supply circuit, and a voltage divider circuit to distribute the optimum voltage to each dynode, all assembled into a single compact case. In addition to these basic PMT modules, Hamamatsu also provides modules having various additional functions such as signal processing, cooling and interface to PC.

Si PIN photodiode


These Si PIN photodiodes, mounted on a white ceramic base, are developed specifically for applications in high energy physics.

Charge amplifier


H4083 is a low-noise hybrid charge amplifier designed for a wide range of spectrometric applications including soft X-ray and low to high energy gamma-ray spectrometry.H4083 is especially suited for use with Hamamatsu S3590/S3204 series, etc. Si PIN photodiodes.

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