Devices for luminometer & illuminometer.

PMT (photomultiplier tubes)

In the photosensor field, photomultiplier tubes (or PMT) are known to have particularly high sensitivity. PMT also have dozens of other advantages such as high-speed response time.

UV power meters

Hamamatsu offers a new optical power meter designed to measure absolute power of UV light.

Si photodiodes


Featuring high sensitivity and low dark current, these Si photodiodes are specifically designed for precision photometry and general photometry/visible range.

Photodiode modules


To make our photodiodes easier to use, we offer photodiode modules with an internal current-to-voltage conversion amplifier.

Illuminance sensors

Photo IC diodes with spectral response characteristics close to human visual sensitivity. These are as easy to use as a photodiode, yet offer high current output similar to phototransistors.

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