Devices for displacement / distance measurement.

PMT (photomultiplier tubes)

In the photosensor field, photomultiplier tubes (or PMT) are known to have particularly high sensitivity. PMT also have dozens of other advantages such as high-speed response time.

Si photodiodes


Featuring high sensitivity and low dark current, these Si photodiodes are specifically designed for precision photometry and general photometry/visible range.



Si APDs are high-speed, high sensitivity photodiodes having an internal gain mechanism, and can be used in measurements at very low light levels.



Position sensitive detectors (PSD) are optoelectronic position sensors utilizing photodiode surface resistance. Unlike discrete element detectors such as CCD, PSD provides continuous position data (X or Y coordinate data) and features high position resolution and high-speed response.

NMOS image sensors


Ideally suited for high-precision photometry requiring high ultraviolet sensitivity, these devices have excellent output linearity.

CMOS linear image sensors


CMOS image sensors have ideal features such as low power consumption, small size and more highly integrated signal processing circuits.



Light emitting diodes (LEDs) are opto-semiconductors that convert electric energy into light energy. Compared to laser diodes (LDs),

CCD image sensors


CCD image sensors have extremely low noise and so can acquire image signals with a high S/N. Hamamatsu CCD image sensors use an FFT-CCD that achieves a 100 % fill factor and collects light with zero loss, making them ideal for high precision measurement such as spectrophotometry. There are two types: a front-illuminated type and a back-thinned type with higher quantum efficiency. Both types are available in various pixel sizes and layouts, allowing you to select the optimal device to meet your needs.

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