We introduce the devices for consumer that do in factory automation, nondestructive inspection, material processing.

Device products

For other industrial instrument

material processing

We introduce YAG laser monitor, Excimer laser monitor, Violet-laser detection.

For FA


We introduce devices for discrimination / sorting, displacement / distance measurement, optical switch, encoder, image processing(factory automation), UV cure, industrial camera, agricultural sorting machine, foreign object screening, electrostatic remove.

Nondestructive inspection

Nondestructive inspection

X ray imaging systems for nondestructive inspection such as visualization of internal structures and detection of foreign materials.

For material processing

material processing

We introduce laser sources for the Laser soldering, Laser plastic welding, Annealing, Laser metal welding, Brazing, Cutting (metal, plastic, etc.), Laser processing, Laser marking, Micromachining (drilling, thin film removal, etc.) and Micromachining in transparent material (glass, plastic, etc.) applications.

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