The spectral region between light and electrical wave is known as terahertz(THz) region from the viewpoint of its frequency. This far-infrared spectral region has recentry attracted considerable attention for its potential application in spectrscopy, imaging, telecommunications, medical analysis, and so on.
Terahertz photoconductive switch can generate/detect terahertz electromagnetic wave with femtosecond pulse laser as an excitation light source. When constructing terahertz time domain spectroscopy, two modules are required for emission and detection.

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Terahertz wave generator / detector

Terahertz photoconductive switch modules: G10620

Integrated module of photoconductive switch and lens for terahertz electromagnetic wave

Terahertz photoconductive switch

Terahertz photoconductive switch: G12864

THz photoconductive switch is able to emit and/or detect THz wave by illuminating an ultrafast pulse laser.

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