X-ray flat panel sensors (FPS) using the world's largest CMOS image sensor combined with a FOS deliver higher S/N, higher speed and wider dynamic range compared to flat panel sensors using amorphous materials. Merging various advanced technologies enables us to develop X-ray flat panel sensors that ensure high-quality still or motion images with low distortion and highly detailed digital image data equal to the number of megapixles. These X-ray flat panel sensors are thin and lightweight, easily integrated into equipment, and so are widely used for many tasks in industrial X-ray inspection systems.

For radiology(4)


Flat panel sensors with specifications optimized for measurement applications such as digital radiography and diffraction.

For nondestructive inspection(1)


X-ray digital imaging devices having advanced features such as high-speed, high resolution, wide dynamic range, small size and no distortion.

Frame grabber cable(8)


We provide cables for frame grabbers as accessories for flat panel sensors.
A flat panel sensor adopting parallel video output requires a frame grabber cable for transmitting the digital video data to a frame grabber card installed in PC.

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