Electron tube detectors

Micro PMT(3)

The micro PMT is the world’s first PMT to be fabricated through the use of semiconductor processes for MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) devices. Its prototype is thinner than the smallest PMT that Hamamatsu currently offers. By comparison, the microPMT has only 1/7th the volume and 1/9th the weight. Due to this extremely small size, it is expected that microPMTs will contribute to the development of more compact instruments for medical diagnostics, environmental monitoring, and applications in many other fields.

PMT (photomultiplier tubes)(257)

In the photosensor field, photomultiplier tubes (or PMT) are known to have particularly high sensitivity. PMT also have dozens of other advantages such as high-speed response time.

PMT modules(143)

The PMT module is basically comprised of a photomultiplier tube to convert light into electrical signals, a high-voltage power supply circuit, and a voltage divider circuit to distribute the optimum voltage to each dynode, all assembled into a single compact case. In addition to these basic PMT modules, Hamamatsu also provides modules having various additional functions such as signal processing, cooling and interface to PC.

PMT assemblies(51)

Photomultiplier tube assemblies are made up of a photomultiplier tube, a voltage divider circuit and other components, all integrated into a single case.

Hybrid photo detector (HPD)(1)

The HPD (Hybrid photo detectors) are completely new PMTs that contain a semiconductor device within an electron tube (vacuum tube). Photoelectrons emitted from the photocathode are directly bombarded onto the semiconductor to multiply the photoelectrons. This method allows efficient electron multiplication with less noise.


Phototubes are photodetectors widely utilized in applications such as chemical and medical analysis and laser measurement.

Electron multipliers (EM)(9)

Electron multipliers are also called ion multipliers, and are used to detect electrons, ions, charged particles, vacuum ultraviolet rays, and soft X-rays, etc.

Flame sensors/UV TRON(9)

The UVTRON reliably detects faint ultraviolet emissions from flames, making it ideal for applications such as fire alarms, arson surveillance, and burner combustion monitor devices. The UVTRON can also detect discharges such as corona discharges from high-voltage power transmission lines.

MCP (microchannel plates)(38)

MCP is an electron multiplier that detects and multiplies electrons in two dimensions. MCP is also sensitive to ions, vacuum UV rays, X-rays and gamma rays and so can also be used as devices to detect their position and energy.

Image intensifiers (I.I.)(32)

Image intensifiers produce high-contrast images even under dark conditions, and are used for night-time (surveillance) viewing as well as for scientific and technical research.

Image intensifier unit(32)

High-speed gated image intensifier units (hereafter gated I.I. units) are able to capture an "instantaneous image" of high-speed phenomena occurring within extremely short time durations by means of "gate operation (shutter operation)".

Scintillator plates(18)

These are flat panel devices for X-ray imaging. These devices can be directly coupled to a commercial CCD for real-time radiography and so are being used in an expanding range of fields.

Fast decay phosphor(2)

For electron beam detection, high speed and long life phosphor.

Opto-semiconductor detectors

Si photodiode(204)


Si photodiodes manufactured utilizing our unique semiconductor process technologies cover a broad spectral range from the near infrared to ultraviolet and even to high-energy regions. They also feature high-speed response, high sensitivity and low noise. Si photodiodes are used in a wide range of applications including medical and analytical fields, scientific measurements, optical communications and general electronic products. Si photodiodes are available in various packages such as metal, ceramic and plastic packages as well as in surface mount types. We also offer custom-designed devices to meet special needs.



The APD (avalanche photodiode) is a high sensitivity photodiode that operates at high speeds and high gain by applying a reverse bias. Delivers a higher S/N than PIN photodiodes and is widely used in optical rangefinders, spatial light transmission, scintillation detectors, etc.

MPPC (multi-pixel photon counters)(64)


The MPPC (multi-pixel photon counter) is one of the devices called silicon photomultipliers (SiPM). It is a photon-counting device using multiple APD (avalanche photodiode) pixels operating in Geiger mode. Although the MPPC is essentially an opto-semiconductor device, it has excellent photon-counting capability and can be used in various applications for detecting extremely weak light at the photon counting level. The MPPC operates on low voltage and features high gain, high photon detection efficiency, high-speed response, excellent time resolution, and wide spectral response range. It achieves the performance that is required in photon-counting at a high level. The MPPC is also immune to magnetic fields, highly resistant to mechanical shocks and the like, which are advantages unique to solid-state devices.

Image sensors(299)


Hamamatsu Photonics develops and manufactures image sensors with high sensitivity and a wide dynamic range that are ideal for high precision measurement such as spectrophotometry, as well as industrial measurement. To help you select the best devices, we offer a wide product lineup that covers a broad spectral range from the near infrared (NIR) at long wavelengths up to 2.6 um through the visible, ultraviolet, vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) on down to the X-ray wavelength region.

Infrared detectors(199)


Detectors with sensitivity to wavelengths above 1 µm. Careful selection of material combinations allows offering a variety of types that cover a broad spectral range.

Photo IC(52)


The photo IC is an intelligent optical sensor with diverse functions and integrates a photodiode with signal processing IC in the same package. Phototransistors are also provided.

Illuminance sensors/visible light sensors(26)


Spectral response of these sensors is close to that of the human eye.

Color sensors(16)


Hamamatsu provides single-color sensors that are sensitive to red, green and blue light, as well as RGB color sensors.



Position sensitive detectors (PSD) are optoelectronic position sensors utilizing photodiode surface resistance. Unlike discrete element detectors such as CCD, PSD provides continuous position data (X or Y coordinate data) and features high position resolution and high-speed response.

MSM Photodetector(2)

MSM Photodetector

MSM (Metal-Semiconductor-Metal) Photodetectors having ultrafast responses.

X-ray flat panel sensors(13)


X-ray flat panel sensors using the world's largest CMOS image sensor combined with a FOS deliver higher S/N, higher speed and wider dynamic range compared to flat panel sensors using amorphous materials.

MEMS-FPI spectrum sensor(2)


The MEMS-FPI spectrum sensor is a ultra-compact sensor that houses a MEMS-FPI (Fabry-Perot Interferometer) tunable filter that can vary its transmission wavelength depending on the applied voltage and InGaAs PIN photodiode in a single package.

Opto-semiconductor modules(79)


Hamamatsu provides a wide variety of opto-semiconductor modules developed by our own module technology capable of extracting the maximum performance from opto-semiconductors.

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