The optical blocks are compact units that contain components such as bandpass filters and dichroic mirrors. They are designed for low light level measurements that use PMT modules and high-sensitivity cameras. Because their optical components are placed precisely through the use of high-precision machining, the blocks shield light superbly. Also, you can use the separate blocks in different combinations by removing and attaching them with thumbscrews. Combining light source such as laser and microscope objective lens lead to built Fluorescence microscope or Confocal microscope with reasonable cost.



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C-mount adapter: A9865

This adapter is for connecting a PMT module to a optical block and an equipment with C-mount.

Adapter block: A10030-01

The A10030-01 is an adapter block for connecting a PMT module to each block. The A10030-01 adapter block has M4 and M3 screw holes for securing to an optical bench or optical stage. A mini-post can also be attached to the M4 screw holes.

Adapter block: A10030-02

The A10030-02 is an adapter block for connecting a PMT module to each block. The A10030-02 adapter block has M4 and M3 screw holes for securing to an optical bench or optical stage. A mini-post can also be attached to the M4 screw holes.

Beam expander block: A10031

This optical block widens the diameter of a collimated beam of light to 2.5 times its original size or narrows the diameter to 1/2.5 times its original size. This block has a C-mount thread for connecting to another device.

ND filter block: A10032

A neutral density (ND) filter is included in this optical block to attenuate light levels.

Filter block: A10033

This optical block contains a filter that passes only particular wavelengths. Bandpass filters and long-pass filters are available. If you would like to use a filter with specifications other than those described below, purchase the A10033-90 interchangeable filter block, which does not come with a preset filter.

Interchangeable filter block: A10033-90

The A10033-90 is an interchangeable filter block that allows you to insert an optical filter according to your application. The filter is held by the spacer ring and the retaining ring, and can be easily exchanged by using the accessory tool.

Dichroic block: A10034

This optical block contains a dichroic mirror that reflects particular wavelengths but transmits other wavelengths.

Interchangeable dichroic block: A10034-90

The A10034-90 is a V-groove type holder block that allows installation of a dichroic mirror with a 45-degree incident angle, such as a commercially available sized dichroic mirror frequently used for microscopes. Hamamatsu also provides the A11214 C-mount interchangeable dichroic block.

Beam splitter block: A10035

This optical block uses a cubic type half-mirror. Incident light is split into reflected and transmitted beams at a ratio of 1 to 1.

Beam splitter block: A10035-90

The A10035-90 is a holder block designed to hold a 15 mm cubic type beam splitter.

Shutter block: A10036

The A10036 is a manual shutter block with a plate that is opened and closed by sliding it left and right. Light is sufficiently blocked so there will be no problem even at photon counting levels.

Fiber adapter block: A10037

An optical fiber cable can be connected to the A10037 for FC connector, and the A10037-01 for SMA connector. The lens assembled in the block collimates the light spread from the optical fiber.

Joint block: A10038

The A10038 series is a joint block for connecting one optical block to another. The joint is available in two types: MM (male-male) type and FF (female-female) type. Interposing the MM block (A10038-01) and/or FF block (A10038-02) between optical blocks allows various connections.

C-mount adapter block: A10039

The A10039 connects a V-groove type optical block to a C-mount type optical block or a device with a C-mount. The A10039 also allows adjusting the connection angle.

Microwell slide: A10657-01

Small well volume (25 μL) for conserving samples or reagents.

Beam aligner block: A10760

This optical block is for using an infinity-corrected objective lens to guide laser light into an optical fiber with an attached FC connector or to collimate and transmit the beam from a fiber-optic cable.

Stage block: A10858

The stage block is for using an infinity-corrected objective lens in object image generation and fluorescence detection. It has two C-mount ports on the top and bottom of its rear panel.

Tube lens block: A10859

This is a video lens block for use with the infinity-corrected objective lenses. It has a tube lens with a focal length of 100 mm to from an image.

Polarizer block: A11026

Polarizing filters and waveplates are polarizing elements whose polarization characteristics change depending on direction and angle.

Pinhole block: A11027

The A11027 is a holder block for mounting a pinhole. The screws can be used to adjust the pinhole's position in the XY directions.

Stage block rack: A11058

Rack for Stage Block.

C-mount interchangeable filter block: A11213

These C-mount threaded optical blocks are for installing commercial optical filters and lenses with 25 mm diameters. You can use it with the A11214 C-mount interchangeable dichroic block to measure fluorescence or perform other tasks.

C-mount interchangeable dichroic block: A11214

This C-mount threaded optical block is for installing a dichroic mirror for use at a 45 degree angle of incidence. You can use typical dichroic mirrors that are commercially available for use with microscopes.

Cuvette block: A11971

The A11971 cuvette block is a small dark box specifically designed for cuvettes with an optical path length of 10 mm. It allows easy measurement of samples in combination with other optical blocks. The base can be removed as needed.

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