Measurement and analysis systems utilizing technologies of light detection and imaging.


Failure analysis systems(4)

Failure analysis system

Imaging systems for localizing low light photoemission and thermal signal emitting semiconductor failures.

Plasma process monitors(2)

Plasma process monitor

Plasma process monitors to monitor plasma emissions during semiconductor manufacturing processes such as etching, sputtering and CVD.

LD/LED/fiber measurement

LED evaluation systems(4)

LED evaluation system

LED evaluation systems to measure light distribution chroma and color rendering properties of light-emitting devices such as LEDs.

Life science

Digital slide scanners(7)

Virtual slide scanner

Rapid and high resolution scanner to convert pathology glass slides to digital slides. The digital slide can be easily manipulated to see any location at any magnification.

Drug screening systems(2)

Drug screeming system

High throughput cell-based kinetic assay systems for drug screening.


The Immunochromato-Reader makes rapid, high sensitivity, quantitative measurements of color intensities for immunochromatographic reagents.


Brain/tissue oxygen monitors(1)

Brain/tissue oxygen monitor

These brain/tissue oxygen monitor systems measure oxygenation in the brain or tissues continuously and noninvasively.

Blood vessels observation camera system(3)

Lymph and blood vessels observation system

Useful for observing the blood vessels in the epidermic area.

Industrial measurement

Thickness measurement systems(12)

Thiļ½ƒkness measurement system

Noncontact high precision thickness measurement systems utilizing laser interferometry and spectrum interferometry.

Pinhole inspection unit(1)

Optical pinhole inspection unit

Pipe corrosion inspection line senseor(1)

An energy differentiation type radiation line sensor designed for an efficient, non-invasive detection of pipe corrosion in industrial plants such as oil, gas and petrochemical refineries.

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