C10935-300pde-neoⅡ Near infrared fluorescence imager

c10935-300 product photo

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This camera system is used to observe invisible near-infrared images, which makes it possible to observe the epidermic area or distribution of fluorescence reagent inside the tissue.

Available for sales only in Europe.


Lightweight, compact design (Patent pending)

Handheld camera features manual adjustment options including excitation light and camera mode.

c10935-400 product feature


Fluorescence Mapping Function

The Fluorescence Mapping function creates a high contrast image by applying a green color to the near-infrared fluorescence images. Through a unique digital subtraction process, the non-fluorescent background of the image can be independently adjusted to the surgeon’s preference.

c10935-300 product feature


Focus adjustment (Near - Far)

By turning the focus ring of camera head, you may adjust the working distance to observe either near or far focused images.

c10935-300 product feature


Color and B/W image

Easily switch between a black and white fluorescent image to a full color image. This feature is helpful for comparing anatomy to the fluorescent image.

c10935-300 product feature


White LED

The white LED light feature illuminates the surgical field without compromising the fluorescent image. This is particularly helpful when OR lights have been turned off to prevent interference with the fluorescent image.

c10935-300 product feature


Status display

Turning on the status function will display the pde-neo settings in real time. Quickly reference current brightness, contrast, and excitation light settings.

c10935-300 product feature


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ICG fluorescence method

Observation by ICG fluorescence

When ICG is administered as a bolus intravenously, the pde-neo is able to visualize the ICG fluorescence to assess blood flow and tissue perfusion.


Fluorescence characteristic of ICG

After bonding with plasma protein in the blood, ICG will become excited with near infrared light and fluoresce at a slightly longer near infrared wavelength. The pde-neo's special sensor and filters will see this fluorescence clearly through a range of human soft tissue.

c10935-300 principle


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c10935-300 system configuration

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Type number  C10935-300 
Power supply voltage  AC 100 V to AC 240 V 
Power frequency  50 Hz / 60 Hz 
Power consumption  Max. 60 VA 
Ambient operating temperature  +10 ℃ to +30 ℃ 
Ambient operating humidity  20 % to 70 % (with no condensation) 
Ambient storage temperature  -10 ℃ to +50 ℃ 
Ambient storage humidity  20 % to 90 % (with no condensation) 
Dimensions (not including projections)
Weight (not including cables and accessories) 
Camera unit: Approx. 80 mm (W)×182 mm (D)×80 mm (H), Approx. 0.5 kg
Controller: Approx. 322 mm (W)×283 mm (D)×55 mm (H), Approx. 2.6 kg 
Output signal (Analog)  Video PAL format 
Video output  2 ch (BNC), 1 ch (Y/C) 

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