C13145-01High voltage power supply module

High voltage power supply module C12733 for rugguedized PMTs

Datasheet [66 KB/PDF]

The C13145-01 is a high voltage power supply module capable of handling simultaneous 8-channel outputs. The output voltage of each channel can be separately adjusted. Inputting +24 V to the C13145-01 generates negative high voltages.
This module is designed to be mounted in equipment, and features low ripple noise and fast response.


Type Unit type
Input Voltage +24 V
Input Current (with no load) Typ. 170 mA
Input Current (with full load) Typ. 580 mA
Max. Output Voltage -1000 V
Max. Output Current 1 mA
Specification Guaranteed Output Voltage Range -300 to -900 V
Line Regulation ±0.01 (against ±1.2 V input change) %
Load Regulation ±0.01 (against 0% to 100% load change) %
Ripple/Noise 20 (Potentiometer control) mV
Temperature Coefficient ±0.03 %/℃
Operating Ambient Temperature 0 to +50 ℃
Operating Ambient Humidity Below 80 %
Storage Temperature -20 to +60 ℃
Storage Humidity Below 80 %
Dimensions (W x H x D) 130 x 35 x 130 mm
Weight 516 g

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