C13182-01USB interface compatible counting unit

Datasheet [132 KB/PDF]

The C13182-01 is a photon counting unit designed for high-speed light detection. A high-speed photon counter can be configured by combining this unit with a high-speed amplifier. This unit uses the double-counter method that has two counter circuits to allow measurements with no dead time.


Ideal for photon counting using a high-speed photodetector such as a Hybrid Photo-Detector (HPD)

Count linearity: more than 5 x 107 s-1

USB interface allows high-speed data communication

Accurate measurement with no dead time (Double counter method)

Sample software bundled

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C13182-01 specifications

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Count linearity

C13182-01 count linearity

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Internal block diagram

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Dimensional outline (Unit mm)

C13182-01 dimensional outline

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