L12422-01SRPhoto IC for optical link


Transmitter photo IC for DC to 10 Mbps optical link


The L12422-01SR transmitter photo IC combines a 650 nm red LED, which is suitable for plastic optical fiber (POF) communication, and a driver IC. It has a mini molded lens suitable for coupling to the POF. It supports communication speeds ranging from DC to 10 Mbps.


-Transmitter photo IC
-Peak emission wavelength: 650 nm
-Supports DC to 10 Mbps communication


Type1 For POF data links
Part Number S12512-01SR, S13174-01SR
Package Plastic
Package type With lens
Bandwidth DC to 10 Mbps
Operating temperature -20 to 85 deg.C
Storage temperature -40 to 85 deg.C
Measurement condition Ta=25℃, Vcc=3.135 to 3.465 V, unless otherwise noted

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