L13181-01SFiber Output Laser Diode

Fiber Output Laser Diode

Data sheet [364 KB/PDF]

This LD was achieved excellent characteristics both high power and high electric-to-optical power conversion efficiency with our unique device structures. In addition, we developed long tern reliable fiber output packages. This LDs could be used as for high brightness light sources in wide range of fields as material processing, pumping source for fiber lasers and solid state lasers, medical, analysis. L13181-01S is equipped with SMA type connector.


Type number L13181-01S
Operating temperature 5 ℃ to 35 ℃
Storage temperature -40 ℃ to 85 ℃
Output power typ. 10 W
Operating current typ. 11 A
Operating voltage typ. <2 V
Peak emission wavelength 915 nm±10 nm
Fiber type Multi mode
Fiber core diameter φ105 μm
Fiber clad diameter φ125 μm
Fiber covering diameter φ245 μm
Fiber  NA 0.15
Allowable bending radius ≧40 mm
Package 2PIN-PKG

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Radiant output power vs. Forward current (typ.)

l13181-01 IL

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Dimensional outline (unit:mm)


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