Product introduction

Hamamatsu offers a rich lineup for a wide range of applications. We provide single element types to multi-element arrays as well as module types for simple operation. We also offer power supplies for driving the MPPC and evaluation circuits.


MPPC (for precision measurement)


S13360 series/S13362 series

The S13360 series are MPPC for precision measurement that inherit the high photon detection effi ciency of their predecessors and at the same time provide lower crosstalk, lower afterpulse, and lower dark count.

MPPC (wide dynamic range)


S12571 series/S12572 series

S12571 series and S12572 series are wide dynamic range type MPPC.

MPPC array

S13361 series

These are array types in which multiple chips of MPPC for precision measurement are configured in an array. Their large active area allows efficient coupling to a scintillator, etc.

MPPC module


C13365 series/C13366 series etc.

This is a module type with a built-in MPPC for precision photometry. Excellent photon-counting characteristics are achieved by exploiting the full potential of the MPPC.

Power supply for MPPC

C11204 series

Power supply and driver circuit for MPPC

Evaluation circuit for MPPC


Simple evaluation starter kit for non-cooled MPPCs. By mounting various MPPC onto the socket of the sensor circuit, it is possible to evaluate the MPPC.


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