[2017.3.13]  Hamamatsu released near-infrared enhanced MPPC for LiDAR applications

Hamamatsu has released an NIR-enhanced type MPPC with better PDE at 905 nm (often used in LiDAR applications) than our previous product.

Catalog / Photodetector for LiDAR [3.7MB / PDF]


[2017.3.9]  MPPC was introduced at MediSens

Hamamatsu introduced MPPC at MediSens 2016, which was held in London, United Kingdom in December.

Hamamatsu interviewed at MediSens 2016




[2017.1.30]  Technical note of TOF-PET module was published

Hamamatsu published the technical note of TOF-PET module.

Technical note / MPPC module for PET [5.4MB / PDF]


[2016.11.10]  New TOF-PET modules

Hamamatsu introduced new TOF-PET modules at 2016 NSS/MIC, which was held in Strasbourg, France in October 2016.

Catalog / MPPC module for PET [6.4MB / PDF]




[2016.8.3]   VUV detection MPPC presentation

Hamamatsu gave a presentation regarding the MPPC for VUV detection at the International Conference on High Energy Physics (ICHEP) held in Chicago in August 2016.

Presentation poster [1.4MB / PDF]



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