MPPC array

S13361 series


These are array types in which multiple chips of MPPC for precision measurement are configured in an array. Their large active areas allow efficient coupling to a scintillator, etc.

MPPC array features


Feature 1: Using MPPC for precision measurement


The S13361 series comprises an array of MPPC chips for precision photometry. As its enlarged photosensitive area enables efficient coupling with scintillators and the like, it is suitable for use as a PET detector.
Features of MPPC for precision measurement




Feature 2: Little dead space


The adoption of TSV structure made it possible to eliminate wiring on the photosensitive area side, resulting in a structure with little dead space.




Feature 3: Rich lineup


We offer several types with different photosensitive areas, pixel pitches, number of channels, and connector types. Customization is also possible.







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MPPC and MPPC module for precision measurement [7.5 MB/PDF]












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