As Hamamatsu MPPCs feature high sensitivity, low noise, and high-speed response, they are suitable for LiDAR and other distance measurement applications.

MPPC for distance measurement


Using the MPPC in distance measurement applications provides users with the following advantages.

· High sensitivity in the 905 nm band (compared to previous products)

Compared to previous MPPCs, the S13720 series has achieved high sensitivity to near infrared wavelengths that rangefinders use.
PDE vs. wavelength

· Simplification of readout circuits

As the high gain provided by the MPPC makes amplifiers unnecessary, readout circuits can be simplified.

· Enables measurements using the direct TOF method

· Enables long distance measurements

· Low cost

Comparison chart

Recommended products

These MPPCs have a wide operating temperature range from -40 ℃ to +85 ℃.

Application examples



Photodetectors for LiDAR [3.7 MB/PDF]



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