As Hamamatsu MPPCs feature high sensitivity, low noise, and high-speed response, they are suitable for LIDAR and other distance measurement applications.

MPPC for distance measurement


Using the MPPC in distance measurement applications provides users with the following advantages.

· Best suited for detecting a broad range of light pulses

The wide dynamic range and fast time response characteristics of the MPPC make it suitable for detecting a broad range of light pulses. Hamamatsu provides MPPCs with pixel pitch of 10 μm/15 μm which features wide dynamic range.

· Simplification of readout circuits

As the high gain provided by the MPPC makes amplifiers unnecessary, readout circuits can be simplified.
· Enables measurements using the direct TOF method
· Enables long distance measurements
· Low cost
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Recommended products

These MPPCs achieve fast recovery time and wide dynamic range using fine pixels.
MPPCs with glass in a compact package can also be provided.

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