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The NanoZoomer Series


Our expertise


Hamamatsu brings decades of imaging expertise in microscopy into the field of whole slide imaging to deliver cutting edge image quality and reliability to healthcare, research, education and pharmaceutical applications.


Your benefit


Hamamatsu fuses cutting edge hardware technology with the philosophy of an intuitive interface design. As a result, our NanoZoomer series offer higher productivity and user acceptance within multiple whole slide imaging application environments.


NanoZoomer product range and its possibility

Important Notice:


The movie contains references to In Vitro Diagnosis (IVD), please check below the status in your Country:


In Europe, five types of NanoZoomer (NanoZoomer-XR, NanoZoomer-SQ, NanoZoomer S210, NanoZoomer S60, NanoZoomer S360), NDP.view2(U12388-21), NDP.view2 Plus(U12388-22) and NDP.serve3 software are CE marked according to the EU In Vitro Diagnostic Device (IVD) Directive for in vitro diagnostic use.


In China, five types of NanoZoomer (NanoZoomer2.0-HT, NanoZoomer2.0-RS, NanoZoomer-XR, NanoZoomer-SQ, NanoZoomer S210) are registered for in vitro diagnostic use.


In the USA, Japan and other countries, NanoZoomer is for research use only and is not permitted to be used for clinical diagnostic purposes.

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