Fluorescence Module

The Fluorescence Option adds the full flexibility of multi-channel fluorescence scanning on the NanoZoomer-XR, 2.0-HT and 2.0-RS scanner series and it can also be retro-fitted at a later date.

Catalog [1 MB/PDF]

Benefits of the Fluorescence Module

The multichannel fluorescence module can be retro-fitted to the NanoZoomer scanner series in the field to combine the advantages of whole slide imaging devices and fluorescence microscope

In contrast to microscope based systems the NanoZoomer scanning devices create whole slide images without stitching artifacts

The proven stability of the NanoZoomer delivers the capability of automatically registered bright field and fluorescence scans from the same sample to combine the benefits of both, brightfield and fluorescence staining

Scanned whole slide images allow you to review and analyze without fear of sample degradation

Features of the Fluorescence Module

Excitation and Emissions filter wheels gives you the flexibility to adapt the scanning system to your requirements

The Hamamatsu fluorescence module is equipped with the LX2000 high-power and long-life fluorescence light source

The Z-stack function of the NanoZoomer series allows whole slide multilayer fluorescence scanning with the subsequent advantage to navigate through multiple focus planes

The NanoZoomer series products as medical devices may be subject to government regulations where they are used. Hamamatsu makes no representation with regard to the confirmity of these regulations. Please contact local sales representative for more information.

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