NanoZoomer S210

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NanoZoomer S210 combines our established scanning reliability for large batches of slides with outstanding image quality in the fields of research, pharmaceutical, healthcare and archiving applications.

Benefits of the NanoZoomer S210


Quick and easy slide loading of up to 210 slides into the NanoZoomer S210 increases the efficiency of your whole slide imaging workflow in bright field applications

The outstanding reliability and robustness that results in high whole slide creation rates is proven by almost a decade of experience supplying the NanoZoomer S210 to many high throughput and demanding environments

The proven intuitive user-interface makes all the benefits and capabilities of the system available to everyone in your team with a minimum of training

A high scanning speed, outstanding image quality and z-stack capability are supported by the NanoZoomer S210s unique camera technology. This also gives the flexibility to utilize the advantages of whole slide imaging also for thicker samples like cytology specimens

Features of the NanoZoomer S210

Z-stack feature

Quick and easy loading of slide cassettes for up to 210 slides

High scanning speed with 60 s for a 15x15 mm sample at 20 x

The Z-stack function of the NanoZoomer S210 allows whole slide multilayer scanning with the subsequent advantage to navigate through multiple focus planes

Flexible integration into different environments based on plug-in modules and communication interfaces to enhance the whole slide imaging workflow

Product Detail Page

The NanoZoomer series products as medical devices may be subject to government regulations where they are used. Hamamatsu makes no representation with regard to the confirmity of these regulations. Please contact local sales representative for more information.

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