NanoZoomer S60


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The NanoZoomer Series is a family of digital slide scanners that convert glass slides into high-resolution digital data by high-speed scanning.

The NanoZoomer S60 is the best of Hamamatsu know-how, combining flexibility and outstanding image quality. Ideal for research and pathology laboratories, even though it is compact it delivers a capacity of 60 slides, it’s able to provide both brightfield and fluorescence imaging and scan both standard (76 mm × 26 mm) and double format (76 mm × 52 mm) slides.

Features of the NanoZoomer S60

Higher Resolution

Flexible slide holder

Maximum Flexibility: scan both brightfield and fluorescence, scan both single and double format slides.

High sensitivity and performance in fluorescence due to a new specific fluorescence camera (sCMOS).

High image quality and reliability both in brightfiled and fluorescence due to Loader, sensor and optics.

Medium capacity (60 slides) and compact size (68 x 68 x 70 cm)

Medium to high throughput due to high scanning speed (approx. 60sec for 15 x 15 mm)

Z-stack feature

Z-stack on WSI

There are samples which have 3D structures such as clumps of cells and thick tissues. They require focus adjustment during observation. To handle these kinds of slides, the NanoZoomer series is equipped with the Z-stack feature that allows you to focus on different depths in the sample.

The NDP.view2 viewer software lets you adjust the focus on a Z-stack slide much like you would adjust the focus of a microscope. You can also point to an area of interest and let NDP.view2 apply autofocus for maximum clarity.

Fluorescence imaging module

Fluorescence Image


Digitization of fluorescence samples enables long-term observation with no worries about fading, discoloration, or photo bleaching.

The Fluorescence Imaging Modules combined with the NanoZoomer Series are able to scan the entire image of fluorescence-stained samples at high speed and high resolution. In addition it uses the L13820-03 light source optimized for fluorescence microscopes that features high power, high stability, and long service life.

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The NanoZoomer series products as medical devices may be subject to government regulations where they are used. Hamamatsu makes no representation with regard to the confirmity of these regulations. Please contact local sales representative for more information.

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