Central Research Laboratory

Life Photonics

A future world with an optimal balance among Earth, people, and all life --- we aim to achieve
this wonderful dream through the research into “light” which is the source of all substances.


What will our future world be like after 20 or 30 years? How about a future where all people can enjoy comfortable and exciting lives without anxiety and where an optimal balance maintained among the Earth, people and all life ensures total harmony? To make this dream a reality we have to overcome many obstacles and meet many challenges. Our Central Research Laboratory does R&D that conforms to “sustainability” values. We call this research “Life Photonics” which is based on the theme of “life” encompassing broad-ranging areas such as life, living things, human life, vitality sources, and ways of living. We will work on research into “Life Photonics” to make full use of various optical technologies.


Life Photonics



The Central Research Laboratory in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Pref. is home to a host of specialized research facilities including the Research Center, the Material Center, the PET Center, the Medical Imaging Center, and the Biotechnology Center. In the Central Research Laboratory, a wide range of research is carried out ranging from basic research which pursues the nature of light to applied research in which the knowledge and technology acquired through basic research is applied in industries.


Tsukuba Research Laboratory in Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Pref. primarily conducts research on bio-photonics in which opto-technology is applied in the field of life science.


Research Center (completed in November 1989)

Research Center
(completed in November 1989)

Material Center (completed in August 1993)

Material Center
(completed in August 1993)

PET Center (completed in November 1991)

PET Center
(completed in November 1991)

Biotechnology Center (completed in December 1994)

Biotechnology Center
(completed in December 1994)

Medical Imaging Center
(Health Screening Center and Positron Medical Center were unified in April 2012)

Tsukuba Research Center
(Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Pref.)

Industrial development Center
(Industrial development Laboratory)


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