Corporate history and product development  
  • Mitsue Factory completed.
  • Industrial development base acquired in Kurematsu, Hamamatsu City, where basic planning is underway to realize the concept of a "Photonics Industry Development Graduate School", where new industries based on light will be developed. Planning is also underway for a New Industry Development Laboratory, where the results of the Graduate School will be put into practical application. The base is temporarily being called the Industrial Development Laboratory.
  • FDSS6000 fluorescent drug screening system and Calibrated Xenon Light Source were put on the market.
  • The development of a high-power semiconductor laser system by the Opto-Science and Industry Development Group affiliated with Hamamatsu Photonics is designated a local concentrated collaborative research endeavor by the Science and Technology Agency.

Industrial Development Laboratory

  • Shanghai office in the eastern area of China opened.
  • Entered into International Distributor Agreement with General Atomics of the U.S. to market and distribute Diode Pumped Solid State Laser in Japan and Asia; Signed agreements with Stanford University of the U.S. for the research of Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy.
  • Masatoshi Koshiba, professor emeritus of University of Tokyo, was awarded the Nobel Prize in physics. Prof. Koshiba was recognized for having established the new field of "Neutrino Astronomy" as a result of research conducted at the Kamiokande, which was equipped with photomultiplier tubes made by HAMAMATSU.
  • The "APD" opto-semiconductor used in CMS, an international experimental project in high-energy physics conducted by CERN (European Laboratory for Particle Physics), was awarded "The CMS Award 2003".
  • As a first step of new industry to achieve "true health" for mankind, the building of a clinical facility for the Hamamatsu Medical Imaging Center run by the Hamamatsu Medical Photonics Foundation was completed to facilitate the early detection of cancer and dementia.
  • Electoron Tube Division and Solid State Division obtained ISO14001 certification.

Hamamatsu Medical Imaging Center

  • Systems Division obtained ISO-14001 certification.
  • The Photon Fair '04 held.
  • TriPHEMOS was put on the market.
  • A Tie-up was formed with Hiroshima University to conduct comprehensive joint research programs on interactions between light and matter.

Photon Fair '04

  • "The Graduate School For The Creation Of New Photonics Industries", where new industries based on light started.
  • NanoZoomer Digital Pathology was put on the market.

The Graduate School For The Creation Of New Photonics Industries

  • Construction of building No.11 and No.12 completed in the main factory (Ichino). Building No.3 and No.4 opened in Joko factory.
  • Fiber Disk Laser, CdTe Radiation Line Sensor, MPPC (Multi-Pixel Photon Counter) and TDI Camera were put on the market.

The building No.11 and No.12 in the main factory (Ichino)

  • UV-Visible Fiber Light Source, Quantum Cascade Laser, High Quantum Efficiency (QE) Photomultiplier Tubes were put on the market.
  • Line Irradiating Electron Beam Source : EB-ENGINE was developed.
  • Measurement Building which evaluates products for electromagnetic wave opened.
  • Sample Preparation System for SEM/TEM, Biophoton assay System, Ultra-compact Mini-Spectrometer Module were developed.
  • Drug Screening System FDSS7000, X-ray TDI Camera, Iriscorder Dual were put on the market.

Measurement Building

  • The Photon Fair 2009 held.
  • The new facility for Integral Optics, called the “Business Promotion Project Building,”completed.

Photon Fair 2009

Business Promotion Project Building

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