L10718-0051-6AFiber Output Laser Diode Bar Module (FOLD)

Fiber Out Laser Diode

FOLD is a fiber-coupled type of DDL. ln addition to the features of DDL mentioned on the left, FOLD's laser head is compact and lightweight. It makes it easier to set up 3-dimensional processing.


High quality material processing

Less spattering and uniform irradiat 

Simple, convenient

Maintenance-free and high linearity of current-power characteristics 

Environmentally friendly 

High E-O efficiency and idling-free 

Small size, lightweight 

Has an optical fiber and is suitable for processing small areas 

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Type number Wavelength Output power Operating current Operating voltage Correspondence
core diameter
L10718-0041-6A 940 nm 300 W 55 A 13 V 600 um 0.2


L10718-0041-8A 800 um
L10718-0051-4A 500 W 27 V 400 um
L10718-0051-6A 600 um
L10718-0051-8A 45 A 25 V 800 um

*1)  Value with available standard Fiber A11612 Series installation.

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  • Solid state laser pumping
  • Laser direct processing, etc.

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L10718 Series fiber (A11612 line-up)


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