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The MEMS-FPI spectrum sensor is a ultra-compact sensor that houses a MEMS-FPI (Fabry-Perot Interferometer) tunable filter that can vary its transmission wavelength depending on the applied voltage and InGaAs PIN photodiode in a single package. 

MEMS-FPI spectrum sensor structure

▲Internal structure

The MEMS-FPI spectrum sensor is composed of a MEMS-FPI tunable filter, photosensor (photodiode), and the like. It has a simple structure in which a MEMS-FPI tunable filter and photosensor is arranged on the same axis as the direction of the incident light. Though this product is a spectrum sensor, it uses a single-element photosensor and does not require an expensive multichannel photosensor.

MEMS-FPI tunable filter

▲cross section

The MEMS-FPI tunable filter has an upper mirror and a lower mirror that are placed opposite each other with an air gap in between them. When a voltage is applied across the mirrors, an electrostatic attractive force is produced to adjust the air gap. To facilitate this action, the upper mirror has a membrane (thin film) structure. If the air gap is mλ/2 (m: integer), it functions as a filter that allows wavelengths near λ to pass through. When the filter control voltage is increased, the air gap is narrowed by the electrostatic attractive force, and the transmission peak wavelength shifts to the short-wavelength side.


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Type No.Product NameSpectral response rangeSpectral resolution (FWHM) max.Dark current max.Photosensitive area (Detector)
C13272-02 MEMS-FPI spectrum sensor 1550 to 1850 nm 20 nm 40 nA φ0.1 mm
C14272 MEMS-FPI spectrum sensor 1350 to 1650 nm 18 nm 10 nA φ0.3 mm

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