Hamamatsu provides a wide variety of opto-semiconductor modules developed by our own module technology capable of extracting the maximum performance from opto-semiconductors.

Optics modules(3)


Optics modules for absorbance measurement featuring high blocking performance and low noise. It is composed of Si photodiodes, beam splitters, filters, and current-to-voltage conversion circuit.

Radiation detection modules(6)


The C12137 series is a radiation detector module containing a scintillator and MPPC (multi-pixel photon counter) designed to detect gamma rays such as 137Cs (Cesium-137).

Balanced detectors(4)


This product is a balance detector for OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) used in applications such as opthalmologic diagnosis. This detector converts interference signals into electrical signals by allowing the backscattered light from a subject to interfere with the reference light.

Light emitting/receiving modules for VICS(1)


Transmitter/receiver modules used in systems that acquire road and traffic information in real time by 2-way data communication with VICS roadway devices.

Sun sensors(1)


Sun sensor is input section is fitted with a cover having wide angle directivity needed in sunlight sensors for automobile air conditioners. S8369 is also suitable for inexpensive devices for measuring sunlight intensity.

Encoder modules(1)


Small package and high resolution encoder module.

Photodiode modules(10)


To make our photodiodes easier to use, we offer photodiode modules with an internal current-to-voltage conversion amplifier.

Photosensor amplifiers(5)


To make our photodiodes easier to use, we offer photosensor amplifiers with an internal current-to-voltage conversion amplifier.

APD modules(8)


These are high-speed, high-sensitivity photodetectors using an APD. An APD, a low-noise amplifier, and a bias power supply are assembled together in a compact case. Simply connecting to a low voltage DC power supply allows light measurements with an S/N level dozens of times higher than PIN photodiodes.

MPPC modules(16)


MPPC modules are photon-counting modules that contain an MPPC (multi-pixel photon counter) capable of detecting extremely low-level light. These modules deliver excellent photon-counting characteristics by extracting maximum MPPC performance.

Photon counting module(3)


Photon counting module integrating a single pixel photon counter (SPPC) for low-level light detection.

Infrared detector modules with preamp(13)


Infrared detector modules consisting of an infrared detector and a preamp integrated into a compact case. Thermoelectrically cooled types and liquid nitrogen cooled types are provided for applications requiring low noise. Custom products are also available with different spectral response ranges, time response characteristics, and gains.

Color sensor modules(2)


Color sensor modules contain an RGB color sensor. An evaluation circuit is also provided where a color sensor can be mounted.

PSD modules(6)


To make our PSD easier to use, we offer PSD modules with an internal current-to-voltage conversion circuit.

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