Amplifier unit / Amplifier module(12)

Various Amplifier Units/Modules are prepared for PMT and/or current output version of PMT modules.

Counting board(1)

Counting board is a PCI bus add-in board counter that functions as a photon counter when used along with a photon counting head.

Counting unit(2)

Counting unit with a USB interface and can be used as a photon counter when combined with a photon counting head, etc.

D-type socket assembly(63)

The D-type socket assemblies contain a voltage divider circuit along with a socket in a compact metallic or plastic case.

DA-type socket assembly(8)

In addition to the circuit elements of the D-type socket assemblies, the DA-type socket assemblies include an amplifier that converts the low-level, high-impedance current output of a PMT into a low-impedance voltage output.

DP/DAP-type socket assembly(14)

DP-type socket assemblies comprise a built-in high-voltage power supply circuit added to a D-type socket assembly. DAP-type has a current-to-voltage conversion amplifier and a high voltage power supply, efficiently added to the circuit components of the D-type socket assembly.

High voltage power supply(35)

High voltage power supplies are products developed based on our years of experience as a PMT manufacturer and our leading edge technology. All models are designed to conform to stability requirements demanded of PMT operations. Various models are provided, ranging from on-board unit types to general-purpose bench-top types.

Magnetic shield case(11)

The magnetic field intensity within the shield case can be attenuated from 1/1000 to 1/10000 of that outside the shield case (this ratio is called the shielding factor). Magnetic shield case ensures a stable output for PMT operating in proximity to magnetic fields.

Photon counting unit(1)

Photon counting unit is designed to convert single photoelectron pulses from a PMT into 5 V digital signals by use of the built-in amplifier and discriminator circuits.

Stabilized light source(2)

LED light sources mainly designed for adjusting the sensitivity of PMT and PMT modules. It contains a photodiode to monitor and control the LED emission intensity so that they constantly output stable light of approximately 1 pW.

Thermoelectric cooler(4)

Thermoelectric coolers improve S/N (signal to noise ratio) of PMT measurement because of reduction of thermal electrons, which are emitted from PMT photocathode, and minimization of external noise by a built-in electrostatic and magnetic shield.

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