The photo IC is an intelligent optical sensor with diverse functions and integrates a photodiode with signal processing IC in the same package. Phototransistors are also provided.

Photo IC for rangefinder(1)


These photo ICs are for distance measurement using TOF.

Photosensor with front-end IC(2)


Photosensor with front-end IC is integration of photosensor - such as photodiode and APD - and front-end IC that reads the signals from the photosensor. They are suitable for applications such as rangefinders since they have excellent noise and frequency characteristics.

Schmitt trigger circuit photo IC(4)


These photo ICs are comprised of a photodiode, amplifier, Schmitt trigger circuit and output phototransistor, all integrated into a single chip.

Light modulation photo IC(8)


Delivers stable output by synchronous optical detection, and is reliable even under fluctuating background light.



Phototransistors amplify the current generated by the input of light. Compared to photodiodes, a large output current can be derived even from a small active area.

Photo IC for optical link(17)


Photo IC receivers and emitters for plastic optical fiber communications.

Photo IC for encoder(1)


Photo IC having two pairs of monolithic photodiodes. Two-phase digital output makes it easier to configure optical encoders.

Photo IC for optical switch(4)


Functions needed for industrial optical switches are implemented into these photo ICs.

Photo IC for laser beam synchronous detection(9)


These photo ICs detect laser beam printing start timing in laser beam printers and digital copiers.

Photo IC diode assemblies for flame eye(2)


These sensors are designed specifically for flame detection (flame eye) in oil-fired hot water boilers and heaters. These sensors incorporate a photo IC diode instead of conventional CdS cells.

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