C12710Portable Raman spectrometer module

Portable raman spectrometer

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The model C12710 is an easy-to-use portable Raman spectrometer module developed by combining our most advanced technologies including mini-spectrometers and focusing optics for laser excitation. The C12710 is designed for optimal performance in Raman spectrum measurement using a SERS (surface-enhanced Raman scattering) substrate manufactured using our nanoimprint technology. This is OEM product, therefore, it is possible to customize the specification according to each requirements.

*This picture shows a housing example that is suitable for the SERS substrate J12853.


  • Integration of essential functions
  • Compact and easy-to-use design
  • Optimized for SERS substrate
  • Class 1 safety structure

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  • Microanalysis in the fields of analytical chemistry, biotechnology, environment monitoring, etc.

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Measurement examples


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Excitation laser Wavelength 785 nm
Power *1) Hi-mode >50 mW / Low-mode typ. 3 mW
Bandwidth typ. 0.2 nm
Detector Detector Back-thinned CCD
Spectral range 400 cm-1 to 1850 cm-1
Spectral resolution 5 cm-1
Operation Operation / Analysis software Original software (source code disclosure)
Output interface USB1.1
Power supply 100 - 240 VAC/DC5 V
Laser safety Class 1
Size (W × H × D) *2) 150 mm × 95 mm × 182 mm
Weight 1.8 kg
Accessories AC adaptor, Si chip for calibration
*1)  Irradiation power to the sample. The low-mode is compatible with SERS substrate.
*2)  Size of the housing cases shown in this brochure.

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System setup example

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SERS substrate J12853

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