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The PhotoIonBar is an electrostatic charge remover using photoionization that neutralizes static electricity by irradiating the charged object with weak soft X-rays.To neutralize static charges, ordinary ionizers generate ions by corona discharge and send them toward the charged object by air flow. Unlike these old methods, the PhotoIonBar emits weak soft X-rays that directly ionize the air around the charged object to neutralize static charges. The Photo-IonBar needs "NO AIR FLOW" and generates "NO DUST" and "NO ELECTROMAGNETIC NOISE".


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Compact size for flexible installation layout

Comes with DIN rail attachment for easy installation and removal

Static charge neutralization area can be changed to match production line layout

Maximum of 10 ionizer heads can be daisy-chained to cover areas up to 2 m wide (recommended).

Eco-friendly (contains no hazardous beryllium)

Easy to Shield

Soft X-rays can be completely shielded with acrylic plate only 3.3 mm thick.

Low cost, Low power consumption, Long service life

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Example of installing

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Dimensional outlines (Unit mm)

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