Imaging systems for localizing low light photoemission and thermal signal emitting semiconductor failures.

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phemos-1000 product photo

PHEMOS-1000 Emission microscope: C11222-16

  • IR laser confocal microscope
  • High resolution CCD

High resolution emission microscope with IR laser confocal microscope. It can be customized upon request.

iphemos-mp product photo

iPHEMOS-MP Inverted emission microscope: C10506-04-16

  • Multiple detector
  • High NA macro lens

Inverted emission microscope for analyzing semiconductor wafers from the backside. It incorporates specially designed high NA macro lens for emission analysis.

themos-mini product photo

THEMOS mini Thermal emission microscope: C10614-02

  • Entry model
  • High resolution thermal camera

Thermal emission microscope to detect and localize thermal signal generated by failures such as short circuits. Its compact design and simple operation are good for entry-level of thermal emission analysis.

triphemos product photo

TriPHEMOS Time-resolved imaging emission microscope

  • Time resolved detector
  • Tester direct docking

Time-resolved emission microscope with a 2D high sensitivity detector to capture picosecond level of operation timing at multiple points inside of an LSI.

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