L4633-01Xenon flash lamp

Catalog [2 MB/PDF]

15 W, Spectral distribution : 185 nm to 2000 nm, Arc size : 1.5 mm, High output, Conversing type (Built-in reflector)


Type High power type with built-in reflector
Lamp Shape Bulb
Features Built-in reflector for high output, efficient light input to light guide
Lamp Diameter 26 mm
Arc Size 1.5 mm
Window Material UV glass
Spectral Distribution (Short) 185 nm
Spectral Distribution (Long) 2000 nm
Recommended Supply Voltage 700 to 1000 V dc
Trigger Voltage (p-p) 5 to 7 kV
Max. Average Input [continuous] 15 W
Max. Average Input Energy [Single] 0.15 J
Repetition Rate Max. 100 Hz
Output Stability Jitter Typ. 200 ns
Output Stability Fluctuation Max. 5 %
Life Min. 5.0 x 108 h
Cooling Method Convection cooling
Equivalent Lamps -
Notes Manufactured upon receiving your order.

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