R2868Flame sensor (UV TRON)

Datasheet [177 KB/PDF]

Driving circuit C10807 [177 KB/PDF]

R2868 is a UVTRON ultraviolet ON/OFF detector that makes use of the photoelectric effect of metal and the gas multiplication effect. It has a narrow spectral sensitivity of 185 nm to 260 nm, being completely insensitive to visible light. Unlike semiconductor detectors, it dose not require optical visible-cut filters, thus making it easy to use.


Spectral Response (Short) 185 nm
Spectral Response (Long) 260 nm
Electrode Material Ni
Weight 1.5 g
[Maximum Rating] Supply Voltage (DC) 400 V
[Maximum Rating] Average Discharge Current 1 mA
[Maximum Rating] Peak Current 30 mA
[Maximum Rating] Operation Ambient Temperature -20 to +60 ℃
Discharge Starting Voltage (DC) 280 V
Discharge Sustaining Voltage (DC) 240 V
Sensitivitiy Typ. 5000 min-1
Background Max. 10 min-1
Average Life 10000 h
[Recommended Operating Parameters] Supply Voltage (DC) 325±25 V
[Recommended Operating Parameters] Average Discharge Current 0.3 mA
[Recommended Operating Parameters] Quenching Time Min. 2 ms

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