Detectors with sensitivity to wavelengths above 1 µm. Careful selection of material combinations allows offering a variety of types that cover a broad spectral range.

InGaAs photodiodes(131)


InGaAs photodiodes are sensitive to wavelengths over a wide spectral range and are available as image sensors, linear/area arrays, photodiode/amplifier combination devices, etc.

Thermopile detector(5)


To meet diverse application needs, a single element type and a dual element type are available in the lineup.

InAs photovoltaic detectors(4)


InAs photovoltaic detectors are high-speed, low-noise infrared detectors capable of detecting infrared light up to approximately 3.5 um.

InAsSb photovoltaic detectors(7)


InAsSb photovoltaic detectors deliver high sensitivity in the 5 um, 8 um and 10 um band due to our unique crystal growth technology.

InSb photoconductive detectors(5)


Thermoelectrically cooled InSb photoconductive detectors are capable of detecting infrared light up to approximately 6 µm with high sensitivity and high speed.

InSb photovoltaic detectors(6)


InSb photovoltaic detectors are high-speed, low-noise infrared detectors that deliver high sensitivity in the so-called atmospheric window between 3 and 5 um. Infrared light in the 5 um band can be detected with peak sensitivity and high response speed. A metal dewar type cooled with liquid nitrogen is available.

Two color detectors(10)


These detectors use a combination of two different photosensors, in which one sensor is mounted over the other sensor along the same optical axis. They provide a broad spectral response range covered by the two photosensors.

Photon drag detectors(1)


Because of their sensitivity at 10.6 um, photon drag detectors are ideally suited for detection of CO2 lasers.

Infrared detector modules with preamp(13)


Infrared detector modules consisting of an infrared detector and a preamp integrated into a compact case. Thermoelectrically cooled types and liquid nitrogen cooled types are provided for applications requiring low noise. Custom products are also available with different spectral response ranges, time response characteristics, and gains.

Accessories for infrared detectors(17)


We offer a variety of accessories to make infrared detectors simple and easy to use.

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