The LCOS-SLM (Liquid Crystal on Silicon-Spatial Light Modulator) is a reflection type spatial light modulator that freely modulates the light phase as needed.
A light beam such as a laser beam entering the LCOS-SLM is phase-modulated and then reflected to freely control the wavefront of (reflected) light as needed. This ability to accurately control the light wavefront makes the LCOS-SLM ideal for applications such as optical beam pattern forming and aberration correction.
The LCOS-SLM is the ideal partner for a wide range of applications that include laser processing, laser marking, fundus imaging by corrective optics, optical tweezers utilizing optical manipulation techniques, femtosecond laser pulse shaping, and a host of other fields.

Product Infomation

Priciple of Modulation

LCOS-SLM (Optical Phase Modulators)(36)


Spatial light modulator, is a reflective type electrically-addressed pure phase modulator by using a CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) technology for a direct and accurate voltage control.

LCOS-SLM module(3)

X11840 series,X13139 series,etc

Hamamatsu has developed the integratable LCOS-SLM module. Comparatively smaller than the X10468 series, this product is expected to be popular in industrial applications. The small head module is connected to the driver circuit via fl exible cable. Moreover, it is easy to integrate a cooling function to the head module.

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