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a12801-10 product photo

W-VIEW GEMINI-2C Image splitting optics: A12801-10   NEW

  • Simultaneous dual wavelength imaging
  • Dual camera type

The W-VIEW GEMINI-2C is an image splitting optics which provides one pair of dual wavelength images separated by a dichroic mirror onto two cameras.

Cuvette block: A11971   NEW

The A11971 cuvette block is a small dark box specifically designed for cuvettes with an optical path length of 10 mm. It allows easy measurement of samples in combination with other optical blocks. The base can be removed as needed.

Capillary lens: J12432-01   NEW

The J12432-01 capillary lens is an optical element for X-rays, consisting of a bundle of numerous hollow glass capillaries formed into a cylindrical shape with one end gently tapered.

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