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Hamamatsu has a vast collection of optical sensors to choose from—over 1600 standard parts, covering the spectrum from x-ray to mid-infrared. In this section, you’ll find several guides on the types of available devices, as well as detailed info on particular products.



This section includes a number of articles on photodetectors, image sensors, cameras, spectroscopy, distance measurement, and light sources. See all articles >

Article: Guide to Detector Selection
Article: Speed & Nature of Light


Low-light detectors, photodiodes, and MEMS devices are some of the key Hamamatsu technologies covered in this section. Browse content >

Low light detectors


Spectroscopy, mass spec, and radiation monitoring are among the many applications served by Hamamatsu's photodetectors. See applications >

Mass spectrometry


Silicon photomultipliers


Trade shows


Helpful documents

Catalog page

Product catalogs in PDF format
For easy reference, dozens of catalogs for specific product lines are collected on this one page. See catalogs >

Opto-Semiconductor Handbook

Opto-Semiconductor Handbook
Includes technical info on photodiodes (various types), silicon photomultipliers, image sensors, x-ray sensors, color sensors, infrared detectors, and various types of modules. See handbook >

PMT Handbook

Photomultiplier Tube Handbook
Topics include the basic principles of PMTs, their performance characteristics, how to operate PMTs, photon counting, scintillation counting, and specialized types of PMTs. See handbook >


Other topical sections in this website

Multi-Pixel Photon Counters
Whole slide imaging
Drug discovery
Oil well logging
X-ray nondestructive testing
Life science cameras
Spatial light modulators


Just for fun

Light stuff


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