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If you’re attending Photonics West, then visit booth 1412 to see our new products, try our product demos (details below), and to play our car racing game for a chance to win prizes. And if you tweet from our booth, you’ll receive a free gift. See you at Photonics West!

Car racing game with HUD technology

Play our car racing game and beat a certain time to get a prize!

As you race through the track, the game will project your car’s data right before your eyes. This example of head-up display (HUD) technology contains our electromagnetic MEMS mirror that projects a virtual image. When placed at the correct focal length, drivers are able to view the data without taking their eyes off the road.

Components of a HUD module

Our MEMS mirrors feature wide optical scanning angles, high mirror reflectivity, and low power consumption. They are driven by magnetic actuators, so they are smaller, require lower voltages, and consume less power than electrostatic or piezoelectric driven mirrors. We are expanding our MEMS mirror lineup in 2017, so visit our booth to get a sneak peek at the new mirrors.

See MEMS mirrors

Product demos

Below are introductions to the product demos we’ll have at Photonics West, including silicon photomultipliers, micro-spectrometers, CMOS sensor/camera, MEMS-FPI sensors, and other devices. If you’re attending the show, then come to our booth and try them out in person.

SiPM demo: Plant and light activity measurement

With this demo, you can measure the weak light emission of organic samples such as apples, leaves, potato chips, and more. A cooled silicon photomultiplier (or MPPC) module is at the heart of this demo, and this module has the proper sensitivity for making low level light measurements.

See MPPC (or SiPM)

Micro-spectrometer demo: Beer identification by color measurement

Brewers must adhere to labeling their beer color using an SRM number, a color scale factor calculated with a spectrometer. The micro-spectrometer can make such color measurements with precision. In this demo, you can use the micro-spectrometer to identify the beer type based on color.

See the micro-spectrometer (C12666MA)

Micro-spectrometer demo: UV/Visible spectrum measurement

The micro-spectrometer brings similar performance as spectrometers several times its size. Optimized for working in the UV/Visible light range, this micro-spectrometer demo can be used to measure and display the spectrum of ambient light or the color spectrum of objects, for example.

See the micro-spectrometer (C12666MA)

CMOS sensor and camera demo: Vein imaging

Using a 2D CMOS image sensor that has enhanced NIR sensitivity, this demo generates an infrared image of a person’s hand with the veins clearly visible. For more info about NIR-enhanced CMOS image sensors or cameras, please contact us.

Infrared devices demo: Carbon dioxide measurement

This gas analyzer demo features a mid-infrared LED and an InAsSb photovoltaic detector that are optimized for carbon dioxide measurements. This demo displays carbon dioxide concentration in real time.

See mid-infrared LEDs
See InAsSb detectors

MEMS-FPI sensor demo: Plastic identification and sorting

The MEMS-FPI sensor has the capability to make measurements in NIR, in some cases as a possible alternative to a full InGaAs array. In this demo, you can use the MEMS-FPI to identify and sort transparent plastic samples based on their infrared absorption profiles.

See MEMS-FPI sensors

SERS module demo: Analyte Raman measurement

The SERS (surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy) module is a huge step towards bringing Raman measurements down to size. This module and substrate include everything short of the analyte to make a high-sensitivity measurement. In this demo, you can measure the Raman spectrum of PMBA, an organic compound with the molecular formula of C16H18NO5P.

See SERS module

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