Systems to measure variety of light phenomena such as weak luminescence, fluorescence and their kinetic changes.

Spectral photometry



HAMAMATSU mini-spectrometers are polychromators integrated with optical elements, an image sensor and a circuit. Light to be measured is guided into the entrance port of ï½”hrough an optical fiber and the spectrum measured with the built-in image sensor is output from the USB port to a PC for data acquisition.



Real time multichannel spectrometers.

Molecular orientation characteristic measurement system(1)

Molecular orientation characteristic measurement system

To develop high-efficiency OLED devices, the improvement of light extraction efficiency is recognized as the important parameter, and researchers have been aware of the importance to control and to evaluate the molecular orientation of OLED devices.

Luminescence efficiency measurement systems(10)

Luminescence/Fluorescence analysis system

Evaluation systems for fluorescence/luminescence material and device parameters.

Fluorescence lifetime/transient absorption analysis systems(13)

Fluorescence lifetime/transient absorption analysis system

Measurement systems of multispectrum kinetic changes at high sensitivity and high time resolution.

Spectroscopic module(2)

Portable raman spectrometer

Raman spectroscopy module which includes all the functions (excitation LD, polychromatic dispersion device, optical and control circuit systems) needed to perform Raman measurements.

Ultrafast photometry

Streak cameras(15)

Streak camera

Light measurement systems for very fast kinetic changes.

Light level measurement

Photon detection units(2)

Photon detection units are photon counting units designed to make low-light measurements at single photon levels without a time-consuming measurement setup.

UV power meters(3)

Hamamatsu offers a new optical power meter designed to measure absolute power of UV light.

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