Life Photonics

We use the technologies of light to help create a future world with balance among all forms of life.


In 20 or 30 years from now, what will our world be like?
The path to a sustainable future – in which we all live in prosperity and in harmony with the natural world – is not without obstacles. But at Hamamatsu Photonics, we believe that photonics technology can provide the means to overcome many of these challenges, in areas such as healthcare, medicine, energy, and the environment. All of these facets of life fall under our research & development theme of Life Photonics.


Life Photonics
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Ads on Nature journal

issue 17th March 2016, isssue 14th April 2016

 Ads on nature journal - issue 17th March and 14th April 2016  

Life Photonics

We use the technologies of light to help create a future world with balance among all forms of life.

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issue 10th June 2015, isssue 9th July 2015

 Ads on nature journal - issue 11th June and 9th July 2015  

Photonics for basic research & technology

At Hamamatsu Photonics, we seek to unravel the limitless possibilities hidden in light.
By exploring ideas which could serve as the basis for vital technologies in the future, such as our unique prism for controlling terahertz waves. Each day brings new discoveries, made possible by years of accumulated knowledge plus R&D activities established on the spirit of peace and harmony.

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issue 9th April 2015, isssue 30th April 2015

 Ads on nature journal - issue 9th April 2015 and 30th April  

Photonics for the Environment

Algae may be silent, but what if the twinkle of light it emits whispers?
At Hamamatsu Photonics, we’re conducting research in bioassays using delayed luminescence from algae, with technology for measuring faint light from living organisms playing a central role. Through this research, we hope to assess the toxicity of chemical substances produced by industries and households, and thus contribute to creating a sustainable society in which a careful balance is maintained between the food chain and the ecosystem.

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issue 5th February 2015, isssue 12th March 2015

 Ads on nature journal - issue 5th February 2015  

Photonics for Medical care

How can light help in the treatment of medical conditions?
In one undertaking aimed at answering that question, researchers at Hamamatsu Photonics are developing technologies that use laser light at a wavelength easily absorbed only by blood thrombi, and not by blood vessel walls or other structures, to selectively dissolve thrombi inside blood vessels.

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issue 11th December 2014, isssue 1st January 2015

 Ads on nature journal - issue  11th December 2014  

Photonics for Bioscience

How far can light go in explaining the mechanisms that govern life?
Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs), which number one in ten-millions of leukocytes in cancer patient's blood, could possibly be deeply involved in cancer metastasis, and are a focus of close attention by researchers in biology, medicine, engineering and optics around the world. At Hamamatsu Photonics, we’re conducting research using our own proprietary technology, in which we hope to detect CTCs and reveal the mechanisms of cancer metastasis.

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issue 9th October 2014, issue 13th November 2014

 Ads on nature journal - issue  9th October 2014 and issue 13th November 2014  

Photonics for Health

Could food play a role in slowing down aging? Or in preventing cancer or adult-onset diseases?
At Hamamatsu Photonics, we’re studying the impact of food on the human body by developing systems that measure the body’s level of oxidative stress, which is a factor in many diseases. Each day, we conduct research into new tools that will be used to promote good health.

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issue 10th July 2014, issue 14th August 2014, issue 11th September 2014

 Ads on nature journal - issue  10th July 2014, issue 14th August 2014, issue 11th September 2014  

Life Photonics

Right now, the earth's populations are facing a multitude of challenges such as global warming and biodiversity issues, that are begining to upset the balance of life itself on a global scale. At Hamamatsu Photonics, we use the term Life Photonics to describe research and development topics that embrace sustainability as a core value. We conduct our activities with an emphasis on diverse viewpoints and mutual interactions among indibidual engineers and researchers, so as to ultimately ensure a lasting future for every form on life on earth.

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Life Photonics categories


Life Photonics - Healthcare

Towards a healthy, long-lived, lively society
In this section, we introduce various ways in which photonics technology is being used to promote healthier living.


Life Photonics  - Bioscience

Discovering and applying the mechanisms of life, from molecules to cells
There are roughly 60 trillion cells in the human body. Light helps us unlock the many mysteries of how these cells work.


Life Photonics - Medical

Reaching the future of medicine with optical technology and its applications
Photonics enables the development of gentler, more advanced methods of medical diagnosis and treatment.


Life Photonics - Environment

Realizing a sustainable society through optical technology
To promote sustainability, light can be used to better monitor the environment and also to lessen our environmental footprint.


Life Photonics - Energy

Focusing on the future of laser fusion and its industrial application
We have a vision of a greener society in which the power of light will help industry reduce its dependence on fossil fuels.

Basic research and technology

Life Photonics  - Basic research and technology of light

The results of the optical research and technology that supports "Life Photonics"
In this section, we introduce some of the advanced technologies that underlie today’s – and tomorrow’s – research in Life Photonics.

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